Eva Polak - Impressionist Photography

Eva Polak

My inspiration comes from the beauty of everyday things around me. The natural world provides me with an almost unlimited supply of subjects. It is a gift to be able to share and express myself through impressionist photography.

I am an artist, photographer, author and teacher, originally from Poland and now living in Auckland, New Zealand. I specialise in impressionist and abstract photography.

As far as I remember, I was always interested in art but never actually followed any artistic pursuits, until I immigrated to New Zealand in 1997. When you are surrounded by beautiful nature you can't help but become a photographer.

Ten years later I discovered that I could use my camera like a paintbrush. I remember looking in awe at the painterly images filled with light and colour. I was fascinated. From that day on, picking up a camera became an addiction as I constantly tried to capture the play of light in each scene that unfolded before my eyes, searching for the essence of a subject and expressing it in a creative way.

I like to start with observation and analysis; thinking about the subject, what I feel about it, and how best to approach the subject, and finding the distinctive quality and mood. I keep these thoughts and ideas very much in mind as I'm photographing. I like my images to look spontaneous and candid despite my careful planning and preparation. My work is captured entirely in the camera and on site, with minimal modification afterwards. I enjoy experimenting with various approaches to my photography and find that this constant experimentation is what excites me most.

I love working in series, as this gives me great insights into the subject and the opportunity to capture it in many different ways. My best known series are "Sculptured by Tides", "Dandelions" and "Parallel Universes”.

Seeking out new subjects, developing projects and experimenting with the vastly different qualities of light, has always played an important part in my creative development, ultimately making me a better artist.

I've learned to expect the unexpected when making my art. There are times when I don't know where a photoshoot will lead me, but I follow my intuition as it guides me along, one step at a time.

I'm passionate about impressionist photography. I love the challenges this charming style gives me. I love the pleasure my photographs give to others. I like to photographs happy images, those that make us feel good about the world we live in. I'm so lucky to have this passion.

As an artist my aim is to create images that people can live with and look at with increasing pleasure - to express a feeling or a moment in time which then becomes timeless. As author and teacher, my goal is to connect with likeminded people and share my knowledge through my blog, books and workshops.